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YongXian (Beijing) Performance LTD is a subsidiary of YongXian Culture Group LTD, which covers YongXian (Beijing) Performance ShanXi branch, YongXian (Beijing) Arts Development, Beijing Oriental Culture Media and YongXian (Beijing) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection, 4 companies. With the “Performance theatre line, Education institute line” as core, we will use performance operation, performer manager, acting as the driving force, integrate with financial, scientific and cultural creativity to achieve cross-border integration and create a world-class performance management operation platform.

YongXian (Beijing) Music LTD is a subsidiary of YongXian Culture Group LTD, aiming to build a carrier base for the music industry, realizing the high-end resource integration and cross-border integration of the music industry. It covers the vertical industry ecosystem of classical music, pop music, musical creation, production, distribution and a series of derivative products.

YongXian (Beijing) Education Technology LTD provides content services for the education industry chain for the needs of urban cultural development. Its business scope covers basic education, international education, quality education, vocational education, and higher education. At present, Yikaotong (Beijing) Education Technology Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Education, and Jinluban Group and Kuangao Education Group have established Kuangao Deyi (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly build a high-end brand of basic education.

YongXian (Beijing) Film LTD is a subsidiary of YongXian Culture Group LTD, which covers YongXian (Beijing) Film and Television Production Ltd., which is mainly dedicated to the R&D and planning of film and television projects, relying on the strong industrial resources of emerging cultural groups.

YongXian Investment (Beijing) LTD is a subsidiary of YongXian Culture Group LTD. Its subsidiaries include YongXian (Beijing) Asset Management Ltd and YongXian (Beijing) Cultural Investment LTD. Established in March 2015, it is a domestic-funded investment institution established in accordance with the market-oriented operation. Focusing on the positioning of emerging cultural groups, urban cultural development service providers, focusing on investment fields such as music industry, education service, film and television media, sports development, etc. Investment attitude, professional investment philosophy,

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